Terms and Conditions


K Shuttle will associate policies similar to those of the Airlines if you have more than two checked bags and one carry on, if your luggage exceeds 50 pounds, or if you will be carrying large objects as in skies, surf boards, or clubs, extra fees may be applicable. K Shuttle must be contacted if you intend to transport unusual objects, including but not limited to bicycles, skis, surfboards, and big boxes. K Shuttle allows (2) pieces of checked baggage and (1) carry on piece for each passenger.

K Shuttle advises you to contact K Shuttle if your standard luggage count exceeds the allowable amount of (2) pieces and the carry on. K Shuttle reserves the right to refuse boarding to passengers who do not inform K Shuttle of unusual and excessive baggage.

No single piece of baggage or any property that is to be loaded by the driver can exceed 60 pounds.  There is an additional charge for excess baggage at a rate of ($ 5.00) for each piece of baggage.

Please contact K Shuttle Airport Shuttle Service at (877) 243-2050.

Car Seats

K Shuttle safety standards recommend that small children 5 years and younger be secured in a child restraint seat for transportation. Further, K Shuttle does not provide the child restraint systems when transporting children on a K Shuttle bus.

Pets or Animals

K Shuttles does not allow pets or animals, with the exception of trained dogs assisting a disabled person.

General Travel Terms

  1. The passenger, traveling with his/her luggage and goods are carried entirely at his/her own risk. K Shuttle will not be liable to the passenger or to the person who purchased the ticket for the death, sickness of or any other injury to any passenger or for any other loss or damage suffered by the passenger whether personal or consequential or otherwise, and although K Shuttle may or may not permit passengers to bring or place personal effects, luggage or other goods on the shuttle bus, K Shuttle will not be liable for the loss of or damage to any personal effect, luggage or other goods, whether or not such loss or damage is suffered, or is caused by anything occurring  before, after, or in the course of any travel.
  2. Passengers who have purchased a ticket over the Internet must carry a reservation number or print out of their booking before boarding the shuttle bus. Passengers who have made a phone booking will need to carry their reservation number before boarding the shuttle bus.
  3. K shuttle will strive to adhere to stated departure and arrival times but does not promise to adhere to and will not be liable for any failure to meet those times considering traffic and weather conditions. The passenger must be ready to board the transporting vehicle at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure time and no refund will be allowed if this condition is not complied with.
  4. K shuttle may, in its discretion refund all or part of the fare when a booking is cancelled prior to embarkation time, but will not otherwise allow any refund.
  5. K Shuttle may substitute any other K Shuttle vehicle and/or transport passengers and/or their luggage and these terms shall continue to apply to shuttle transportation by such substituted vehicle.
  6. K shuttle shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or consequential upon, directly or indirectly, any abandonment of, delay in departure or delay during any trip howsoever caused.
  7. These terms and conditions apply to the extent that they are not inconsistent with or in contravention of any obligation imposed upon K Shuttle by virtue of the legal provisions of the City, State, and Federal government.

Late Airport Arrivals

 K Shuttle will schedule an airport pick up that is aligned with flight arrivals similar to those of the Airlines. Flights that arrive at the airport over an hour after the last scheduled flight will be subject to an additional charge of ($25.00)

No Smoking

Smoking will not be permitted on any K Shuttle buses or substituted transportation

No Violent or Aggressive Behavior

K Shuttle will not allow passengers whose behavior demonstrates violence and or aggression. Person(s) will be told to disembark or permission to board refused, if in the opinion of the driver he/she and/or our passengers are at risk by violent and/or aggressive behavior. All incidents will be reported to the police.

Cancellation Fees

  1. If a full fare airport shuttle ticket is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to travel, a 50% cancelation fee will be incurred.
  2. No refund and/or transfers will be allowed if a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of departure or if the passenger fails to board the shuttle bus.

Circumstances Beyond Our Reasonable Control

 We shall have no liability whatsoever for any delay or failure to carry you or for breach of contract, where such delay or failure is caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to;

Unforeseen Traffic Delays

  1. Accidents Causing Delays on or in the vicinity of the Service Route
  2. Severe Weather Conditions
  3. Strike / Industrial Action
  4. Terrorist or Threat Of Terrorist Action
  5. Road Closures
  6. Security Alerts
  7. Denied Access to Airports
  8. Major Event causing excess traffic congestion / road closures

Lost Property

If you leave or lose any of your luggage while traveling on K Shuttle and the luggage is either found by or handed to a member of the K Shuttle staff we shall take reasonable care of that luggage. Such luggage will be stored at such a location as we may decide but all such storage will be at the passenger’s risk. We may charge you a reasonable administration fee for the storage and return of your lost luggage.

If you do not collect your lost luggage within 1 month of our receiving or finding it, we reserve the right to dispose of it in any manner we wish, including by destruction or sale and we shall be entitled to keep any sale proceeds. We shall be entitled to open and examine any left or lost luggage. If there are any items which we consider are dangerous or perishable or otherwise unsuitable for storage, we shall be entitled to dispose of such items within 48 hours of our receiving or finding them.

If you find any property on a K Shuttle Bus belonging to someone else, you must hand it over to the driver immediately or contact a K Shuttle representative at 1-877 243-2050.

Breach Of Conditions Applicable To Your Booking

If you fail in a material respect to comply with any terms and conditions governing your transportation booking, we may cancel your booking and refuse you travel or further transportation without any obligation to refund your fare and/or booking fee and without any liability to you.